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Lori Brewer Collins

Lori Brewer Collins has worked with leaders in over 25 countries on 5 continents over the past three decades. She is an internationally recognized facilitator, conference presenter, and author of several publications. Her specialty is moving groups and teams beyond tribalism towards genuine cross-functional collaboration. She is also an expert in vertical development.

Lori’s expertise is the result of a rich background in the field of leadership and learning development. She served as Manager of Custom Solutions and continues as Lead Faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership. She was also one of CCL’s original thought leaders in vertical development and organizational leadership. She was a senior principal and executive coach in two firms: Cambria Consulting and Axialent. Earlier in her career, she was Manager of Leadership and Corporate Culture at Saturn Corporation, the innovative subsidiary of General Motors.

Lori designs and facilitates global strategy and leadership development sessions; she also has a thriving executive coaching practice. Her clients are from the private and public sectors, including: internet data technology and software companies, international finance and banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, consumer products, professional services, not-for-profits, and public agencies.

Lori is also Founder and President of Cultivate the Karass, a 501(c)3 inspired by the life and work of her late son, Jake Brewer. Cultivate the Karass (CtK) was created to foster bi-partisan relationships, elevate public discourse and reduce hyper-partisanship. CtK specifically targets leaders who will influence our political agenda and drive the state of our democracy over the next 20+ years.

Lori holds a M.Ed. in human resource development and counseling from Vanderbilt University and a B.A. in business administration from Michigan State University. She is a certified executive coach and accredited in a wide variety of psychometrics.

Her greatest joy is spending time with the two daughters Jake left behind, and helping professionals build bridges across difference and ideological divides. Lori lives outside of Washington, DC in Arlington, Virginia. She and her husband also have a residence in Brussels, Belgium.


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Lori Brewer Collins

From working at the prestigious Center for Creative Leadership to opening her own boutique consultancy in 2001, Lori has worked with C-Suite leaders from around the globe for more than three decades. Her training with General Motors led her to Tennessee where she led professional development for Saturn Corporation. She has firsthand experience with global leadership and the ways in which vertical development primes leaders to take their organizations to the next level.



Master of Education, Peabody School

B.A., Business Administration

Certifications & Accreditations 

• Certified Executive Coach
• Hogan Certified Assessor
• Myers-Briggs Certified Assessor

Activities & Affiliations

• Founder, Cultivate the Karass