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Just Announced! Transformational Leadership Workshop

Join Lori Brewer Collins on May 9 & 10 for Transformational Leadership: Vertical Development & Beyond. Lori has decades of experience coaching Fortune 100 executives, heads of state, and leaders of international NGOs. For the first time, this expertise is available to you and your team through Transformational Leadership: Vertical Development & Beyond.

Transformational Leadership: Vertical Development & Beyond is designed to :

  • Enhance your personal capacity to navigate complexity and change

  • Expand your self-awareness, build interpersonal effectiveness, and move towards your aspirational self

  • Learn and apply global leadership models, premises and approaches

  • Determine how to work with more efficiency - while not losing depth or meaning

  • Gain skill in giving and receiving feedback that builds relationships and generates positive change

  • Participate in transformational learning with colleagues who desire to grow into their next level of leadership effectiveness

  • Receive a personal leadership assessment and action plan

Lori Brewer Collins