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Global Leadership: The Time Is Now

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Leading in a global context has become a must-have for executives in today’s global business environment. Leaders increasingly are challenged to address unique problems and cross-cultural issues in a climate that’s more volatile, uncertain, and complex than it’s ever been.

As the world’s economic center of gravity shifts, global companies compete intensely with fast-growing local companies for a limited pool of executive talent. Prime targets are leaders who can span different cultures, economies, politics, and geographies; who can think systemically across multiple networks, deal with rapid change and layers of complexity; and who can speak the language of global business.

Organizations and elected bodies are increasingly hard-pressed to find leaders who can both adapt to these complexities and excel at helping those around them be similarly adaptive and agile. But the good news is that leaders can develop the qualities they need to meet this growing demand.

Global Leadership: The Time Is Now explores a powerful framework for helping leaders navigate global challenges and develop global leadership capacity.

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Lori Brewer Collins