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global leadership development + executive coaching

It's about what's essential.

What is it that lies within each of us that is key to who we are and what we are able to achieve?

How do we find this core, and once found, how do we give power to the wisdom and potential within — to elicit something deeper and more meaningful, whether from our jobs, our relationships, our goals, or our life in general? I call this “finding what’s essential.” It’s an exciting and challenging process, and it is at the center of what I do.

Whether working with CEOs or management teams, global multinationals or mid-size domestic companies — I thrive on helping individuals, and teams, find, nurture, and deploy their essential.

 Lori Brewer Collins

Lori Brewer Collins

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work in a coaching relationship with Lori for several months in 2016 and can say without question that I am a more confident and effective leader as an outcome. Lori pushed and pulled me through various stages of self-discovery in order to unlock potential I knew existed but was untapped due to insecurities and fear. She is incredibly warm and relatable, intelligent and worldly, creative and entrepreneurial and just an all-around terrific woman.”
— Melisa Miller | Under Armour | VP HRBP – North America and Global DTC

Lori Brewer Collins

Brewer Collins Leadership provides consulting, facilitation, and executive coaching to senior leaders and their teams around the world. It was originally founded in 1997 and since that time, founder Lori has worked with leaders in over 25 countries on 5 continents. She is an internationally recognized facilitator, conference presenter, and author of several publications. Her specialty is moving groups and teams beyond tribalism towards genuine cross-functional collaboration. She is also an expert in vertical development.

Lori’s expertise is the result of a rich background in the field of leadership and learning development. She served as Manager of Custom Solutions and Lead Faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership. She was also one of CCL’s original thought leaders in vertical development and organizational leadership. She was a senior principal and executive coach in two firms: Cambria Consulting and Axialent. Earlier in her career, she was Manager of Leadership and Corporate Culture at Saturn Corporation, the innovative subsidiary of General Motors.

Lori designs and facilitates global strategy and leadership development sessions; she also has a thriving executive coaching practice. Her clients are from the private and public sectors, including: internet data technology and software companies, international finance and banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, consumer products, professional services, not-for-profits, and public agencies.

Her published writing and speaking engagements include: “Beyond Borders: Developing Globally Adaptive Leaders.” As a frequent conference speaker, Lori’s most recent engagements include Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics (Feb 2018), University of Chicago Institute of Politics (Apr 2018), Personal Democracy Forum (Jun 2017), Code for America (Nov 2016), and the White House Open Data Summit (Sep 2016).

Lori is also Founder and President of Cultivate the Karass, a 501(c)3 inspired by the life and work of her late son, Jake Brewer. Cultivate the Karass (CtK) was created to foster bi-partisan relationships, elevate public discourse and reduce hyper-partisanship. CtK specifically targets leaders who will influence our political agenda and drive the state of our democracy over the next 20+ years.

Lori holds a M.Ed. in human resource development and counseling from Vanderbilt University and a B.A. in business administration from Michigan State University. She is a certified executive coach and accredited in a wide variety of psychometrics.

Her greatest joy is spending time with the two daughters Jake left behind, and helping professionals build bridges across difference and ideological divides. Lori lives outside of Washington, DC in Arlington, Virginia. She and her husband also have a residence in Brussels, Belgium.



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