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global leadership development + executive coaching

It's about what's essential.

What is it that lies within each of us that is key to who we are and what we are able to achieve?

How do we find this core, and once found, how do we give power to the wisdom and potential within — to elicit something deeper and more meaningful, whether from our jobs, our relationships, our goals, or our life in general? I call this “finding what’s essential.” It’s an exciting and challenging process, and it is at the center of what I do.

Whether working with CEOs or management teams, global multinationals or mid-size domestic companies — I thrive on helping individuals, and teams, find, nurture, and deploy their essential.

Lori Brewer Collins

Lori Brewer Collins

“Lori gets to the negative through the positive: she builds a foundation of trust then waits for the teachable moment to demonstrate her insights. She’s an expert listener. She’ll point out patterns in your expressions or attitudes that you might not have noticed. Her coaching style is never theoretical.”



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